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Saint Joseph's College

About Us


In February 2017, the lives of thousands of Saint Joseph's College alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and community members changed when the SJC Board of Trustees voted to "temporarily suspend operations."

We realized immediately how important it would be to find a way to keep our Puma family connected regardless of what happened to the College.

After a wildly successful last bash during the 2017 Little 500, the SJC Alumni Association "broke away" from the College and formed an independent 501(c)(3) organization.

We are the Saint Joseph's College Alumni Association, Inc.

Our Purpose


Organized June 17, 1896, after the charter class that entered in 1891 graduated, the Alumni Association of Saint Joseph’s College was established to “cherish and strengthen the love of the graduates of the different classes in communication with the College and with each other, and to bring about an acquaintance and friendship among the graduates of the different years that they may assist each other in attaining these ends.” 

The purpose of the Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association shall be to unify all SJC alumni for service to the College Community which shall include the extension of alumni relations, the involvement of alumni through special events, and any other service that the Association may render for a greater Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Community.


The Alumni Association Board of Directors governs the Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association, Inc. This Board has standing committees for Communications, Alumni Events, Judiciary/Membership, Chapters, and Fundraising. The Board of Directors meets at least six (6) times yearly on a variety of programs designed to keep alumni actively involved with the Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Community.


Who We Serve

The SJCAAI serves the greater Saint Joseph's College family: graduates, students, faculty, staff, community, parents. We are all Pumas.

All Pumas are invited to our events and encouraged to find ways to keep the spirit of Saint Joseph's College alive.

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